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Me & My Shadow - Size 6

Shadow people , shadow beings, shadow creatures, shadow folk, & shadow walkers...different names for the same entity.


These supernatural beings appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people's vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed. They do not have human features. Sometimes they appear as shapless masses of dark vapor. Other times they appear in human shapes.


Name - Neckren


Attributes: protection, warning, heightened intuition, enhancing the psychic aspect of things, energy reading, sensing & distinguishing energies, dream walking, astral travel, far seeing, remote work, strengthening magick, revealing truth, guidance, locating items with magickal or supernatural energy, sexual satisfaction, heightened awareness, heightened senses


Acts of revenge include: illness, physical imperfections, financial ruin, accidents, mental imbalance, nightmares, daymares, visions, blockages, lack of motivation, lack of sleep, exhaustion, memory lapse, hiding things of importance, provoking arguements, promoting legal justice


The shadows are hard to lump into our demonic scale - though they are not always as intelligent as "normal" demons, they are usually a lot more diverse. They can be extremely aggressive and yet, are very easy to control and bond with and often have docile personalities when not at work. Taking all of his abilites into consideration, we have placed Neckren between a level 6 and 7


Like all shadows, Neckren is respectful and quiet...It is when he is on task that one truly sees the viciousness that he can do.

You're going to hear a lot of please, thank-yous and compliments from this guy. He works well with both men and woman. He does like to tell jokes from time to time - it seems odd at first because he hardly laughs at his own jokes! He tells them in his quiet demeanor - there is always a pause because its hard to tell whether or not he's trying to be funny because of how mild he is.


He communicates best through visual images and telepathy.


Because if his quiet personality, he is very well liked among all kinds of entities. Even the fae who usually shy away from demonics love him to pieces.



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