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Feel better With the Energy Converter + More Amulet - Size 6.5-7

Here we have taken the natural metaphysical properties of amethyst and amped it up a bit.

The primary casting on these two beautiful amulets is:

Converting negative energy to positive energy

Rather than absorbing negative energies as amethyst does by nature (and requires periodic cleansing), the two rings we are listing today actually convert the negativity they gather into positivity.

(See 2nd listing for a different ring with the same attributes, just type Energy Converter in the search bar.)

But, as always, we like to go above and beyond and actually add spells that compliment each other nicely and add to the value of our amulets.

These versitile spells can benefit you daily or even as the moment arises.

Along with the natural attributes of amethyst the spell castings we have added are:

protection against psychic attack



stress relief

meditative focus

These amulets would be great for social workers, healers, teachers, those who work with the general public, and more!

The ring we used as a carrier for the awesome spellwork listed above in this listing is comprised of a very nice,sterling silver, marcasite, and light-medium purple amethyst stone.  it is a size 7 that fits more like a 6.5 because of the band.


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