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We all know how amazing MM is and of the immeasurable amount of knowledge and wisdom that she possesses. If you don't, you oughta be enlightened by some of the posts that I'm hoping will fill this topic. If MM has shared some info (a story, tip, generic entity information, etc) with you it would be great of you to share with us all!

Give a quick prequel for the information and post away!!! 

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MM shared this story with me after my D encounter. Being an optimistic lad, I asked if positive things ever came of demonic attachment and she gave me this gem.


As crazy as it sounds, I have seen good things come from attachments like this in the long run -

A client of ours (years ago) had a similar attachment that my father ended up removing. A few years after the "detachment" she found out that she had cancer near the area where the demon had attached itself. Of course, at first, she truly believed that the demon had caused the cancer. After a 2nd round of chemo therapy, and being half derranged from the medications they had her on, she began praying to the demon that had attached itself to her years prior. She could never remember if she had prayed for the demon to take the cancer or take her life but 6 weeks later, when she went in for her 3rd round of chemo, the testing showed that the cancerous tissue had diminished. Another 6 weeks and the cancer was gone completely - without the last round of chemo, mind you.

The doctors said it was the first 2 rounds of chemo that saved her life - despite, the fact that neither round showed any signs of improvement afterward. AND initially, they said the cancer was in such an advanced state that chemo probably wouldnt help her - it was one of those things that they allowed her to undertake as a last resort and peace of mind kind of thing - so she could tell herself that she had done everything she could to save herself. AND, the cancer had spread into several of her organs and was already causing organ failure prior to the first round of chemo.

She believes it was the demon that took the cancer - and it is a fact, a lot of demons are able to destroy cancer and a lot of people keep high levels of demons in their fold specifically to prevent cancer and other forms of disease.

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Amazing story!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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aww what a beautiful story thanks for sharing that jewel with us memnon its been a while since me and you have spoken :3 


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That would be a hard story to top :)

I asked her about getting an entity to watch over my horses when I'm not there and she suggested a dragon fae. She had mentioned they really like to actually ride the horses and play with them...then she  recounted a story were a vet had tried to help one of her injured horses and one of her dragon fae had pinched him in the neck when he was poking around the wound...the vet looked around confused and obviously saw nothing. When she asked the df why she did that she said: he had already been through enough.

Needless to say my horses have their own df now ;)



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Wow! what an amzing story. Thanks for sharing with us Memnon.


April 18, 2012 at 3:57 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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You guys are more than welcome. :-) 

And see! Thats what I'm talkin' about Cap'nHowdy! She's got stories for days!

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I love hearing stories about all this.Mother Moon is so knowledgeable and I've always loved my email chats with her.She was a listening ear when I went through a hard time and quite supportive.I really appreciate that about her.

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