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Making a charm/mojo/gris gris bag

Posted by spiritedenterprise on April 12, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Traditionally, charm pouches are created from either red or black flannel, leather or from gunny sack material.

Personally, I don’t care for the gunny sack material as it tends to leak herbs unless it is made really well.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of material you use, but I do like leather because its durable and should you choose to infuse your charm bag with magickal energy, leather will hold that energy much longer than any other type of cloth.

Traditional practitioners tend to make their own bags so that their personal energy is infused into the bag during the process. This is not a requirement. You can cast your charm bag when you obtain it with your overall intent if you like, but again, this is not a necessity.

Ok - so what can you put into your charm bag…anything that pertains to your intent.

Lets say you’re making a charm bag for protection and that the charm bag will be for your entire household.

Some possible supplies you’ll need:

Essential oils that carry the properties that you’re looking for (use just a couple different scents and try to choose scents that mingle well together and don’t be afraid to experiment beforehand). A few examples of protective oils - carnation, cinnamon, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, high john, honeysuckle, lavender, lilac, myrrh, rose geranium, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, tangerine, lemon verbena, violet, wisteria. My personal favorite combinations for protection are frankincense, myrrh and wisteria.

A cotton ball or a small foam cosmetic applicator to hold the oils. Personally, I like the cosmetic applicators. I buy them from Walmart and cut one of the triangular ones into about 5 pieces (use one piece for each oil). I then take a dropper and add 4 to 6 drops of each essential oil to the pieces of applicator that I’m going to use.

Herbs that carry the properties that you’re looking for. A few examples of protective herbs: basil leaves, cedar, sage, burdock root, pine needles. Personally, I like to use all of these when I mix up a charm bag.

Gemstones that carry the properties that you’re looking for. A few examples of protective stones: kyanite, black obsidian, calcite, carnelian, quartz, fire agate, agate, malachite, onyx.

Dirt gathered from as close to your home’s foundation as you can get.

Dirt from a church

Dirt from the grave of a relative that loved you and/or your family or from the grave of someone who was very protective in life.

Personal items from each person in your home - locks of hair (known as taglocks in magick) and fingernail clippings work best.

The personal items ensure that you and your family will be the target of the charm bag’s magick.

Mix your herbs, personal effects, and dirt together in a bowl or bag. If you’re using a sharp or pointy herbs, go ahead and grind them up a bit with a mortar and pestle.

Place the mixture into your bag. Add the gemstones and oil infused applicators. Tie up or seal your bag.

You can carry it on your person or place it near your door or in the heart of your home.

Obviously, if you're making a bag for someone else, the best bags would contain some kind of personal article from that person. If you cant get hair or fingernails, an object such as a button, piece of fabric from clothing, a piece of their jewelry would work. Something that they wore on their body works best.


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