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Binding Spirits & Entities to Your Person...

Posted by Mother Moon on August 27, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Just as it is every other sellers right to make believe that soul binding/binding to your person/etc is a great and wonderful thing, it is my right to preach against it.


Take this information with a grain of salt for all I care, but at least I can say that I did my part.


Ok...Soul Binding - what is it?? Its when a practitioner uses magickal bindings to attach an entity or spirit to you. It doesnt matter whether the practitioner claims its a “self” binding, a soul binding, an astral binding, or merely a physical binding, it means the same thing.


In fact, you could chose a part of your physical body to have the entity bound to; like your finger for example; and it would still be classified as soul binding.




Because when an entity or spirit is attached to you through magickal means, it still has access to ALL of you regardless of “where” its attached. Its energy intermingles with your energy and essentially, becomes a part of you.


This includes your physical self, your astral self, your emotions, your mental state, your organs, your sexual self, your genetic make up, and every other fiber and aspect of your being. These are all aspects of your “self” - the things that make you YOU.


So why is this such a bad thing?


First, there are intelligent entities and spirits and there are unintelligent spirits.

Unintelligent spirits are spirits of the deceased. They can be human, animal, and insect alike. Not all of them are unintelligent. The unintelligent ones are those that are “stuck” perse. Whether its in a specific area, within a specific moment in time, or something else, there is something that impedes these spirits from growing and maturing on the astral plane.

These are the types of spirits that one sees in a haunting. They are the spirits that cannot leave the graveyard. They are the spirits that walk the same path over and over again at the spot where they were killed or parished.

An intelligent entity is a living entity. An intelligent spirit is a spirit that, after death, obtains an ascention of sorts and still has the ability to learn, grow, and prosper in many aspects.

As such, these intelligent beings are also emotional. They are happy, sad, angry, overbearing, protective, parental-like, etc. They go through the same types of emotions that humans do.


So now that we’ve got that terminology down...


When you make the decision to have an entity attached to you, like I said above, it is attached to and has access to all of you. It becomes a part of you and you become a part of it.


What you feel, it feels. What it feels, you feel. When you’re having a shitty day, your companion has a shitty day as well.


The bond that forms between a companion and entity/spirit using these types of bindings is extremely deep and its extremely hard to undo.


So...lets just say that you’re contemplating having an entity bound to you. What can happen?


In a best case scenerio, you will live happily ever after until your death, upon which your entity is then released ...


that is, if the bindings are done correctly. Some bindings used in very dark magick acutally extinguish (aka KILL) your entity when you die. After all, you are soul mates...and what soul mate would want to live the next ten thousand years alone...right??


Well, that is exactly the approach some of the old school conjurers took and it was a practice that was used for many hundreds of years. In some traditions of magick, this technique is still used.


Worst case scenerio, your companion will have a nervous break down 10 years from now and take you down with it.


You think Im kidding, but Im not. Its a very real possibility and it happens a lot more than you think.


As I said above, these are intelligent beings and though they are extremely powerful, they cannot control nor can they see all that life has in store for them.


They lose loved ones. They have their hearts broken. They get cheated on. They get the crap kicked out of them by the bully down the street. The get married. They have babies. They watch their children grow up. They experience almost everything that life offers us as humans in their very own realms; both the good and the bad.


We’ve all had our hearts broken and stomped on. We’ve all lost someone we loved dearly. We’ve all experienced pain on both the emotional and physical levels.


Think back for a moment...do you remember what that was like??


Now imagine yourself at your worst moment. Would you have taken another life down that path along side you if you had a choice?


Well, now that your entity is bound to you, it doesnt have a choice and neither do you! Once that entity gets on that emotional roller coaster, you’re going to be right there on it with them and there isnt a thing you can do about it.


And it happens SOOO fast! One minute you are living your life and thinking everything is wonderful. The next, you are bawling, throwing hysterical fits, and thinking about killing yourself and you have absolutely no clue as to why this is.


Conventional means arent going to help you either...no counseler will be able to prescribe a drug powerful enough to fix the mess you’re in.


Even practitioners that deal in spirits their whole lives often dont recognize the signs of a binding gone wrong. And lets be honest here, you’re going to be in such an emotional state of turmoil, the last thing on your mind is going to be tracking down the idiot that bound this entity to you.


And even if you do manage to figure out whats going on and you are able to seek help from a practitioner, its a matter of the bindings themselves.


Binding something to your “self” is not like binding it to a vessel. You cant take it off and contain the entity. You’re stuck with it. And the bindings are very deep.


What you’ve done to yourself is a form of possession. And the longer this entity is attached to you, the more embedded it becomes.


So when it comes time to remove this “thing” you’re looking at an exorcism. And its a lot more in depth than the Catholic exorcisms that you’ve seen in the movies or on youtube. Those are unbound entities. Pulling an unbound out of a person is easy compared to what you’ve got going on with this entity bound to you.


Being honest here, it would be a miracle if a practitioner were able to remove the bindings and pull the entity from within you. At that point, both you and your entity will be so mentally disturbed that neither of you will want to leave each other. Working with a pair of unwilling participants, one being entity and one being human, its almost pointless.


BUT...lets just say that after days, maybe even weeks, of emotional, spiritual, and draining work the practitioner is successful in removing said entity...there is a lot of damage that has already been done. You’re never going to be the same.


You’ll be lucky if you can live your life without the help of high dosage psychotropics.


So...while your practitioner may tell you that “its so great and so conveient without a vessel” I think you’d better look at the future before you decide. It might be great for awhile, but one never knows what the future holds and I dont know about you, but my life is a lot more important than worrying about whether or not Im going to have to be responsible enough to maintain and manage a vessel.


And to those of you that have already gone ahead and had things bound to you...do yourself a favor and get them transfered to a real vessel before its too late!! Do it while the work is easy and save yourself the potential of a whole mess of trouble later on.

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