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Wishing Sigil

Posted by spiritedenterprise on April 26, 2013 at 12:50 AM

There are lots of ways to incorporate sigils into your magick but there are also ways that you can incorporate sigils into your daily life.

Some people call these a commanding sigil, others a wishing sigil. Really, they are both.

The point of the sigil is to put a desire into the universe and also into your subconscious.

The first thing you do is come up with a wish.

Let’s say your wish is to be content in life.

Your wish might then say something like, “I will be satisfied.”

Now, break it down and turn it into a command.

Now cross out all the repeating letters.

What you’re left with is WBATD

The D can be incorporated into the B so you can remove that.

The A can be incorporated into the W and the T so remove that.

So now you've got WBT

You can incorporate the W into the B if you wite it in swoops instead of straight lines.

That leaves you with BT

Now, draw a picture with those letters. It doesnt have to be mystical. It can be basic, like this:

I stuck with the basics because Im not creative when it comes to using the paint program on the computer lol.

The intent of your drawing is to put it into your subconscious in such a way that it will remember it. Be sure to remember your intent as you're breaking it down and creating your sigil.

Once you're finished with your symbol, redraw it on it clean piece of paper. Contrary to poular belief, it doesnt have to be parchment paper. It can be a piece of paper from your favorite tablet or a piece of scrapbook paper. Whatever strikes a chord with you.

Once you've redrawn it - focus on it for a bit. Remember what the itent of the sigil is - "I WILL BE SATISFIED"

Next you can either burn this sigil and forget about it  OR you can tuck it into a safe place. Some people like to roll their sigils up and carry them in a pill box or locket. Some magickal people will engrave their sigils on a piece of silver and wear it or into a stone and carry it like a talisman.

Whatever you do with it, try to forget about it. Let the energy that you've just put out into the universe come to you in the best way the universe knows how to bring it.

You can be as fancy with the process as you want. If you want to light candles, burn incense and write an incantation incorporating your command, then do that. This is your ritual and its important that you're comfortable with the process as a whole.

I use this process alot in my day to day life. I've done sigils with my children as well. All of my boys have talisman pendants with sigils that we've created. Success, Happiness, Determination, Strength. We chose things that they would need throughout life, not just short term goals but your sigil (s) can represent both short term and long term things:)


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