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The Most Effective Love Magick

Posted by Mother Moon on November 6, 2012 at 10:30 AM

The most effective magick comes from making your choices wisely.

The first and most important thing you should do before considering any kind of spell work is to sit down and take a good hard look at your situation. Make a list of what happened to put you in the position that you’re in. Make a list of the things you want changed and the results/outcomes you want to see.

From that list, choose your spell work.

Spell work isn’t simple - one cannot just order a single $25 spell and have it work miracles. Each aspect of both the problem and the goal has to be addressed in order to gain the most complete / most permanent results.

We look at the situation as a whole and address every concern so when the outcome happens or goal is met, what you'll have is a permanent situation...it happens just as it would happen in "real life."

Now to explain that a bit better...

Many people come to us and tell us that they've had other casters working on their situation and for a while, it got better, but then shortly after, things went back to the way they were or they've seen no results at all.

This happens because of one or more of the following reasons.

1. Your caster took a short cut.

2. You did not provide your caster with all of the TRUE details so they were unable to choose your castings wisely.

3. You, yourself, did not choose your castings wisely

4. The situation as a whole was not addressed.

Let’s use an example.

So one caster might suggest a break up spell on your behalf to bring your lost love back into your life, and let’s say they cast it and it works.

What happens when there is no foundation to get you back together? Once the break up is complete, there is a very real probability that your ex will simply move on to someone else.

Or perhaps it’s the opposite and they get you back together, but the other person involved is not addressed, then you'll have a situation where, yes you ex back, but the other man/woman is still in the picture.


OR, they may address the break up and the getting back together issues, but forget about the forgiveness and healing that is necessary...then you have a situation where there are hard feelings and issues from the past popping up constantly.

These are just some examples, of course. But you get the idea.


In a natural setting, with no spell work involved, what would happen in most break up/get back together cases is:


The new couple would fight or disagree etc.


They would break up


He or she would then remove the influence of the other from their life


They would heal


They would start thinking of you, remembering all of the good times you've had together


They would reconsider taking you back or getting in touch with you to see what position you’re in now and if you’re even open to getting back together.

You would start communicating


You would be accepted back into their life


That communication & acceptance would lead to time spent with each other


That time spent would lead to a new relationship


That relationship would blossom


Do you see now all of the things that have to be addressed?

If you want a good outcome then choose good spell work.

Another issue is that a lot of people are willing to have a complete set of spell work cast on their behalf; however, they cannot afford it. If you have to get on a payment plan, do not beg the caster to start your spell work before you can pay it off. The castings should be chosen and cast in a consecutive order so that there are no delays in the forming of the energy that the caster is putting forth.

If its 2 or 3 days between payments, that’s one thing, but you should never wait more than a few days between castings. Otherwise, the energy that is being pumped into a situation takes longer to merge and can leave what we call “energetic gaps” in the flow of energy. Part of good spell work is the flow of the energy. The more consecutive and consistent the castings are, the better the energy is going to work on your behalf.

Do not have more than one caster/group working on your situation at the same time. Different casters use different types of magick and different types of energies to create their magick. It is possible that one casters magick will not work well with another.

If you feel you must do this, have one caster working on one aspect while another works on a completely different aspect. For example, one working on a break up while another works on rebuilding relationship.

Be patient. The more complicated your situation, the more time it is going to take.

Be positive.

Check in with your caster periodically, but don’t harass them. Your caster is not your babysitter nor are they a 24/7 crisis center.

You want your caster to like you. The more your caster likes you and the more they believe in you and your situation as a whole, the better the energy that the caster puts forth.

You do not want your caster thinking you’re nothing but a pain in the ass. The mind-set of the caster plays a big role in your castings. It is not just the spell, it’s the energy and thought that goes into it. If your caster doesn’t like you or doesn’t believe that you appreciate the time and effort they put into things on your behalf, the less likely it is that they are going to take your casting seriously.


Don’t be afraid to add your own energy to the spell-work process. Do something simple - a honey jar, burn candles with your love’s name carved in them. Ask your caster first to be sure that they can work with your energy.

Keep yourself occupied. Live your life while the process is taking place. The last thing you should be doing is moping around. This doesn’t help the process at all.





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