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On Being The Other Woman...

Posted by spiritedenterprise on November 5, 2012 at 10:05 AM

I hate to be the one to just put it out there like this…but…

It sucks being the other woman. It sucks for you and it sucks for me as a spell caster.

I hear subtle variations of the same story day in and day out…

Their marriage/relationship is bad.

He wants out.

His wife is mean to him.

His wife controls him.

He’s only been in the relationship this long because of the kids.

They’re getting divorced eventually.

In some cases, all this stuff is all true. But let me tell you the truth of the matter. In only about 1% of the “other lover” cases that we see each year do these facts fit the actual scenario. 1%. And we hear thousands of these kinds of cases each year.

In the other 99% of the cases we see, everything I mentioned above is a lie.

It’s hard to know the difference because the people that tell these lies tell them so often that one cannot decipher the truth, even when it’s right there in front of them. It’s hard for us as casters because we base our castings on the information provided by you. Without readings and more time spent on the situation as a whole, in essence, we base our castings off the lies. Even with readings, it can be hard to get to the truth because the reading is based off of the liar and the client and in most cases the liar is actually attached to the client. Not attached in the same way that they are to their wife/full time lover, but there is an attachment and that can give off a false reading of sorts.

Ok, so, how do you know when your love is a lie? Here are some examples based off of what I’ve seen as a spell caster.

1. If the guy ONLY calls you/comes to see you when his wife/lover is out of town, at work, etc. If there is no contact when he is busy in his full time relationship, you’re probably not a high priority in his life.

2. When contact is random. If you’re only getting calls, texts, meetings, etc once a month or even less often, you are not a priority.

3. If you know none of his friends or family, you’re definitely a dirty little secret and not a priority.

4. If you are meeting up in hotels, restaurants and other places away from home, chances are, he doesn’t want anyone he knows seeing you together.

5. If you’re only seeing him for a late night at the bar and sex, you’re a secret.

6. If you tell him that you love him and the only time he can say it back is when he is drunk or in the middle of sex - you are being used.

A lot of these things are common sense, but when you’re in love with someone, it is so easy to believe a lie.

Obviously, when a man is stepping outside of a relationship to be with other women, there is something wrong with their current relationship. BUT, the “problem” is usually something that is a lot more trivial than one would think and in that 99% of the cases we see each year, your man really does love his wife.

To be honest, usually there is nothing really “wrong” with the relationship. It is usually that the guy is just a habitual cheater. If he wasn’t cheating with you, it would be with someone else.

What makes all of this so difficult when it comes to spell casting is this…

Spell casting should be done in a way that addresses every aspect of the whole problem.

BUT, when you’re the other woman, you honestly have no idea if there even is a problem, other than the fact that your man is a liar and a cheat. The things that you are told are likely untrue.

So…then, what do you address? How do you go about it?

It’s a hard scenario to dissect because there is so much that is unseen and unknown.

And let me be even more honest here…

If you decide to go with break up work, as I said above, you have to address every aspect of the situation as a whole. It’s a lot of work, a lot of time and a big investment of your finances and my time.

Chances are, you’re working against a relationship that is essentially good and in most cases, the wife or full time woman doesn’t even know there is a problem in her relationship. So when you’re provoking fights and trying to pull them apart with magick, if real love exists within the relationship, that love is only going to keep pulling them back together, regardless of the spells we cast and the readings you have done.


Because YOU are the other woman. YOU are the intruder. YOU are the one that doesn’t belong in the relationship. YOU are the 3rd wheel…the odd man out…the home wrecker.

It’s a harsh thing to say, but its true.

Do you want to know how to tell if this man that you’re seeing really wants you as a part of his life. Cut him off. Stop being his doormat for a month. And I mean really cut him off...no phone calls, no texts, no emails, no late-night visits for nookie...nothing. CUT HIM OFF!

If he gets frantic and is trying to track you down, then you might have a chance.

If he doesn’t call you, come over, etc. Move on with your life. You deserve better.


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