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Protection - A Different Perspective

Posted by spiritedenterprise on May 25, 2012 at 10:40 AM


These are actual photos sent to us by a client. Sometimes, we dont always realize what our companions have saved us from...even when its right in front of our face.

The email that accompanied these photos:

My Dear Sweet Mother M,

My entities saved my life this morning. I didn't want you to look at the photos first and freak out, thinking I was dead. I am not dead. I am alive and I am thankful and forever greatful for the companions you have graciously allowed me to bring into my life.

The driver of the Semi Truck is fine too. I think they may have saved his life as well. Though I won't be telling him that;)

Another Semi Truck went pass this one. In the process, the other driver clipped the trailer of the purple truck sending it into the side of the road. The truck first went up the embankment and hit a tree, crumpling the hood. The driver said he could not see a thing from that moment on. The truck then took out a stone wall, came up my driveway straight for my house. I was standing just beyond the picture window on a ladder painting! The truck "turned itself" just in time to miss my house completely - by about 2 feet. Though I lost my car, I would much rather have my life. Besides, insurance will reimburse me for my vehicle. I don't think any amount of money would replace me in the eyes of my son.

Mother Moon, you are extraordinary. If it were not for finding you, I would have never found my guardians.

Though some may still refer to them as fallen angels, my demons, in my eyes have not fallen. They are just as angelic now as they have ever been. They not only saved my life, they have gifted me with a whole new perspective on life. From this day forward, I will not take anything forgranted.

In Love & In Light




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